Tuesday, March 6, 2012

See you on Friday

My dearest Honey,

I always hated saying goodbyes to loved ones and I particularly hate saying this to you every time you have to spend nights and days away fro home. When you left this morning, I was fighting tears off because I didn't want you to see me cry since I know that this separation is also hard for you.

We have been so used to being together every night for over a year that these three nights when you will be out of the country is taking a toll on me.

I miss you already, my honey and I will be missing you until you are safely back and I could hug and kiss you again.

Please take care.

See you on Friday night. I have started counting the hours until you are home.


  1. Replies
    1. sis, he's leaving later in the afternoon for Switzerland, for training and meeting with his former employer hehehe

  2. Aaaww. Ka-sweet naman! Time flies really fast kaya hindi mo mamamalayan, nandiyan na ulit siya! Yehey! :)